A determiner can be used to narrow the reference of a noun. They appear at the end of a noun phrase, after any normal suffixes. They do not move the stress of the noun, and can only receive up to secondary stress themselves.

cama cm usual

nisa Ns only

sabufi sOF different


These are used to answer ”how many?”

mimu’i MUi some

lumi WM several

raqi rQ more

’uhu uV many

takki t;K many


There are two sets of determiners that are both used to select a part from the whole. One group is used with count nouns, the other with mass nouns.

Count Nouns

These refer to particular members of a group.

ca c only

fi’atu Fae certain

tapa tp next

cari cR remaining

qafa qf last

Mass Nouns

These refer to sections of a substance.

cari cR remaining

sukki z;K entire


These mark the degree to which the noun matches its referent.

nata nt complete

naci nC somewhat

ji’a Ja not