A determiner can be used to narrow the reference of a noun. They appear at the end of a noun phrase, after any normal suffixes. They do not move the stress of the noun, and can only receive up to secondary stress themselves.

-cama cm usual

-nisa Ns only

-sabufi sOF different

-matta m;t also


These are used to answer ”how many?”

-mimu’i MUi some

-lumi WM several

-raqi rQ more

-’uhu uV many

-takki t;K many


There are two sets of determiners that are both used to select a part from the whole. One group is used with count nouns, the other with mass nouns.

Count Nouns

These refer to particular members of a group.

-ca c only

-fi’atu Fae certain

-tapa tp next

-cari cR remaining

-qafa qf last

Mass Nouns

These refer to sections of a substance.

-cari cR remaining

-sukki z;K entire


These mark the degree to which the noun matches its referent.

-nata nt complete

-naci nC somewhat

-ji’a Ja not

-hita Ht opposite

-ma m used to be

-na’u nu will be