A Grammar of the Tinellbian Languages

This reference guide is for the Tinellbian languages that descend from High Lulani. Lulani and its descendants were taken into each of the Ptokan worlds by the Guozu.

High Lulani

WlN Created by Queen Loren on Mala Ptokonoi.

I have been interested in language and linguistics since at least the age of 10. I remember making up words when I was quite young. In fact, the High Lulani word mica Mc hello dates from that time.

When I decided to write a novel, a constructed language (conlang) was an obvious prospect for inclusion in the background information.

The Tinellbian languages are a range of constructed languages, as befits the constructed universe of Tinellb. In that world, the ancestor language was created by Queen Loren of the Ptokonoi, and then evolved naturally as different groups of people moved through space, time and reality.