Common and proper nouns are open classes; the pronouns are closed.

Proper Nouns

Proper nouns begin with a capital letter in the transliteration.

Ra’ani Ryan (name of a person)

ʔikinnisa Eakins (name of a family)

Sa’imi Caemi (name of a deity)

Tinalli Tinellb (name of a universe)

ʔirri’a Irìa (name of a city)

Lulani Lulani (name of a language)

Xucipura Cula The Crackled Egg (name of a story)

Common Nouns

Common nouns can refer to abstract or concrete items.

lu’i love

bata caution

’ahati happiness

caga mouth

purissiji circle

Compound Nouns

The first part of a compound noun must be a noun, and the subsequent parts specify the meaning of that noun. These parts can be nouns or verbs. The whole noun is usually written without spaces. The syllabification and stress of nonce words are determined on a stem-by-stem basis. However, a compound in common use will start being treated whole.

jifiru’inulli mountain lake ( jifiru’i lake + nulli mountain )

xu’abaju bluebird ( xu’a bird + baju blue )