Warning: This section is a work in progress.

This page includes a list of changes from High Lulani to Demotic Lulani.


A detailed up-to-date list of changes in kept at GitHub, in a Python file that applies these changes to a High Lulani word.

  • Lowering of back vowels before peripheral consonants.
  • Shifting of geminate consonants: unvoiced plosive → voiced plosive → voiced fricative
  • I-mutation of vowels when followed by /i/ in the next syllable.
  • Palatalisation of alveolar sounds when followed by /i/.
  • Loss of /i/ after geminate consonants.
  • Degemination of consonants.
  • Elision of unstressed /ə/, followed by consonant cluster reduction.
  • Reduction of remaining unstressed vowels to schwa.