Noun Phrases

The full noun phrase is made up of these components in the following order:

  1. adposition-
  2. case marker-
  3. number
  4. superlative
  5. relative clause
  6. main noun
  7. -adjective
  8. -conjunction
  9. -genitive marker

Hyphens in this list are used to mark where a space is not used to separate components.

Relative clauses include intransitives.

The only compulsory component of a noun phrase is the noun itself.

faluki (vii) journey

kululani (ii-vii) to the queen

diku’i’uja (i-ii-vii) onto the table

harubijju nimalu (i-iii vii) with the first bear

xiku dasi nukki ru gusulilumi (v vii-viii) several people who eat strawberries

kaluxiku kuluna ’usi na ’aba (ii-v vii) because of everyone who looks at the moon

’adira xiku kaluqikanni tura pi xaʔu (i-iii v vii) near the two children who looked after dogs

julliga kiluquna ʔirri’ajanni kasataqa ’ara (v vi vii-viii-ix-x)

the faces of the married women and the walker men who are going to Irìa.