The basic colour terms are all verbs:

baju bY blue

sa s yellow

miku M$ red

millu M;W brown

kiʔa K;a white

ga g black

Both light and dark blue and covered by baju bY blue, as well as the darkest violets, and all but the lightest shades of green. Standard yellow is sa s yellow, which also covers the lightest shades of orange and green. All of red and pink, light purples and most of the orange spectrum is referred to as miku M$ red, however, dark orange is subsumed under millu M;W brown.

The figure above shows which shades are referred to by which term. White and light grey are kiʔa K;a, as opposed to ga g black for darker shades.

All colour terms can be compounded to refer to specific hues.

mikumulu M$UW blood red

bajukunubi bY$IB sky blue

kiʔamasi K;amS snow white