The basis colour terms are all verbs:

baju blue

sa yellow

miku red

millu brown

kiʔa white

ga black

Baju blue covers both light and dark blue, the darkest violets, and all but the lightest shades of green. Sa yellow covers the lightest shades of orange and green, as well as standard yellow. Miku red refers to all of red and pink, light purples and most of the orange spectrum, however, dark orange is subsumed under millu brown.

The figure above shows which shades are referred to by which term. Kiʔa white is used to refer to very light greys, as well as the usual white. Ga black is used to refer to the darker greys, tending towards the black.

In continuous aspects, these denote the colour of an object. With discrete aspects, these refer to a change in colour.

Pu’iba ru miku.

ball prs;gnopresent gnomic red.

“The ball is red.”

ʔaradisi cani miku.

face-3ani;gen prs;dyn red.

“She blushed.”

Each of these terms can be compounded to refer to specific hues.

mikumulu blood red

bajukunubi sky blue

kiʔamasi snow white